About us

Protecting Wildlife e.V. is a registered non-profit-organisation founded in Germany in 2017 to efficiently fight poaching, trophy hunting and illegal wildlife trade.

We …

… train rangers to improve their skills in protecting themselves and wildlife against poachers.

… support rehabilitation projects for orphaned pups whose parents have been killed by poachers.

… raise public awareness and are sensitizing young people to poaching and illegal wildlife trade and its impact on our ecosystem at schools and other educational institutions.

… cooperate with travelling agencies to convince them to make their offer free from animal exploitation.

… campaign for the ban of wildlife in circuses.

… do our work on a completely honorary basis.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which humankind does no longer kill, exploit or harm wildlife for its own benefit or amusement. Poaching, destruction of wildlife habitat, illegal trading and exploitation of wildlife – all that is ancient history. Animals and humans live in a respectful coexistence.

Our Mission

We support projects worldwide which protect wildlife in an efficient and sustainable way.

Our main focus in this connection lies on the threat that is caused by humans. We are neither limited to certain regions nor certain species.

The safety of one individual animal is just as important to us as the protection of an entire population.

It takes social pressure to make poaching a political debate. We create the necessary awareness by educating people about that issue via face-to-face conversations, speeches, public campaigns and educational events.

Please feel free to contact us, if you woud like to work with us or your organisation would like to cooperate with us.

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